Frequently Asked Questions

How does Shop + Drop work?

It’s simple! You can order on our website or by phone. We then buy the items you’ve asked for and deliver them to you. We can either leave them on your doorstep for minimal contact, or knock to make sure you've got them – just tell us your preference when you order. You'll need to have payment ready for us when we deliver. Deliveries are made on Tuesdays and Thursdays (we are now delivering on Thursdays rather than Fridays). Please order by 12pm the day before. You can indicate your preferred delivery day in the Delivery Information box at checkout.

What can I order?

You can choose whatever you need from our list of essential items (we’re a volunteer-led community team so unfortunately we can’t offer a full online shopping experience!).
If there’s something that’s not on our list but that you’d really like, please drop us an email we’ll see about adding it in.
As we all know, stocks in the shops are limited at the moment. We’ll do our very best to get everything on your list, but we can’t guarantee that every item will be available and we reserve the right to substitute all products for similar items

What does this cost?

We’re not charging for delivery or our time, and we’re not making a profit, so we just charge you what it costs us. Please note that we are ordering from wholesalers, so sometimes the prices are more or less than you might expect from shopping at a supermarket. Prices are shown on the order form on our website, or we can send through the price list by email if you prefer. We’ll only charge you when your food has been delivered. We prefer payment by cheque, but we can also accept cash. We're not yet set-up for card payments unfortunately.

What about people who aren’t online? Do you have a leaflet?

We do! We’re very conscious that not everyone is online or likes to use the internet.
We’re circulating leaflets as fast as we can but you can help by downloading and
printing the leaflet here and circulating it in your area. Thank you!
Please note that we have now changed out delivery days to Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of Tuesdays and Fridays.

Why are you doing this?

Coronavirus has already impacted our communities in ways we’ve never seen before, and it looks like this will continue over the next few months. Many of us are lucky to have our health and the time to help, and we want to do something practical for those who need it.

Will you be extending this service to other areas?

Hopefully! We fully intend to expand to other areas once we’ve proven that we can support people effectively in our existing areas. One step at a time! When you place an order, if we're not currently covering your area there is a separate form you can use to let us know which postcode area you'd like us to expand to.

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